Our Team


Founder, Owner, Blogger, Reader, ex marketer

Born from a family of readers and writers, growing up surrounded by books and stories, and sharing these with my son, my goal is to ignite a love for reading in other families and to grow imaginations of little ones!


Official Book Chooser and Listener

Always ready to listen to a story and act out the story with willing participants. If there’s a book you need advice on reading, he is your go to guy


Usborne Books
Book Provider

Because nothing in life is free, for us to keep sourcing the books for reading, hiring the venues for events, preparing the stationery for activities, advertising and running the website, we sell Award Winning Usborne English Books in Switzerland. the proceeds are used to manage Our Bookshelf .ch,
​Oh, and not to mention, these educational books will further drive your families love for reading and development of imagination!







Reader, Distributor, Salesperson, Contributor

Soon, there will be opportunities for you to join our team, from reading to kids, contributing to the blog and selling Usborne books!



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