Welcome to

Our Bookshelf .ch !

Your resource for all things book related, aimed at encouraging kids and families to read.
Our goal is to grow imaginations and make education through reading, fun!

We will be hosting free, interactive English reading sessions for kids to develop a love for reading.
​We can come to schools, events, parties, or you can even call me over to read to your kids!

We will post up easy and fun activities related to the books we read, as well as articles on driving the reading agenda.
​Not to forget competitions to win books as well as discounts on books!

​To further encourage reading at home, Award Winning Usborne Books are available to order from us. There is a selection of over 2500 titles available suitable from birth to Age 18.

The sale of the books is also done to cover the basic costs of Our Bookshelf .ch, (costs such as books for the reading sessions, delivery, hiring of venues, advertising, website hosting).

​Book Reviews, blog posts and contributions are also welcome! You can even join our team if you believe in our cause as much as we do!

​So support us in growing your kids’ imagination and let’s develop future reading leaders!

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