Hope you didn’t miss us too much!

I feel terrible for not posting reviews, specials and tips in a long time, but there’s a reason for my hiatus.

We have a new addition to our family! In the wee hours of the 8th April, Amelia entered our world and has brought so much more joy into our lives.

And on top of this gift, we are in the process of relocating to Dubai (very very soon).

So between the lack of sleep and the admin of the move (not to mention working out life with a baby and toddler), the blog has taken (and will continue to take) a little bit of a back seat until we are settled.

I do have a few Usborne books still available (have a look at the “books” link) and am willing to place 1 big last order (if enough people need some books) before mid May.

After May , I will no longer be selling Usborne books and after about September, I’ll hopefully be back in the game of providing useful information and links. I ideally want to be a global reference blog for kids books and encouraging kids to read more.

My Facebook page will be more active than the blog until I get into a routine and find my way around Dubai.

I appreciate the support, the likes, the shares etc and encourage you to keep doing so! (All in the name of growing imaginations!). And as always, if there’s anything book related, please share it with me or give me a heads up so I can share it also!

Keep Reading!


PS. I’m so proud, without me saying anything to Mikhail, he often chooses 1 book for me to read to Amelia and then 1 book for me to read to him, every day! Yessss to a reading generation!

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