Need Some Help with Teaching Manners to your toddler?

Hello! I’ve been getting some great feedback about the previous post and how using a book to help with preventing biting can be a solution, as opposed to reprimanding a child.

So while I am on the topic of using books as aids to assist in getting habits across, there is a wonderful book that I have available and highly recommend.

It’s called Miss Molly’s School of Manners and follows a story of a racoon called Algernon as he goes to Miss Molly’s School.

At first, Algernon is really full of nonsense as I would say! He is rude, ungrateful and basically only cared about himself. One day, he stumbles across Miss Molly’s School of Manners and we watch how his behaviour transforms as he goes to the different classrooms. The rooms have names like the “Listening Lab”, the “Sharing Studio” and “Sorry Sick Bay” where the reader learns about different manners and how they can be used

And as you can guess, at the end of the day, we have a more understanding, appreciative raccoon, who is bursting with manners!

What I do like is that after reading the book, when your little one starts misbehaving, you can remind him or her of the corresponding classroom and the behaviour of the other animal friends and how your little one’s behaviour isn’t according to Miss Molly’s school.

It’s a hardcover A4 book, with 32 pages and suitable for Ages 3+. I do have a brand new copy left and can deliver it to you for free in Geneva for CHF17. I see that it is also available on Book Depository (Here’s the link)

If there are any other behavioural type of books that you are looking for, let me know, I’m happy to order them and review them for you.

So that was a really quick post for today, hope it helps with getting good manners across!

xxx Iman

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