World Reading Habits

Which country reads the most? Which country reads the least? How many hours a week does the average person from your country read? What’s the most popular book of 2018? Which book is the most expensive in the world?

Thanks to research from Global English Editing – here is some really interesting information about reading habits around the world.

Hours Spent Reading

India wins the reading race, with the average person reading 10 hours and 42 mins per week. India is closely followed by Thailand and China. This is really impressive for India, especially after it’s literacy rate falls below the World Average at 74%. My fellow South Africans come in in 14th position, read an average of 6h 18m per person per week. And the bottom 3 reading countries are Canada, Germany and USA, with just under 5h and 5min of reading per week.


Europeans spend between 2 minutes and 13 minutes of reading per day and generally spend more on books and newspapers than on package holidays


The growth of mobile in Africa has meant that more reading is done online or through mobile, with females spending 5 minutes more time reading than males


37% of American adults with high school degree or less, have reported to have not read a book in the past year, but 67% have read a print book in the past year.

Australia & New Zealand

There seems to be a Harry Potter craze down under, with the top 8 books borrowed from libraries being Harry Potter! While reading in New Zealand is down by 2%, it seems that reading local trumps international and poetry take quite a high position.

Where the Bookworms at?

We mostly see European countries having the most books at home, with Estonians owning a whopping average of 218 books per person!

The best selling kids book of 2018 was “Dog Man and Cat Kid” (click here for link), followed by the Doctor Seuss Classics “Oh The Places You’ll Go” (Click here for link) and “Green Eggs and Ham” (Link here)

Girls vs Boys

When it comes to reading fiction books, more girls read than boys. But when it comes to comics and newspapers, it looks like boys take the lead.

2018 Anniversaries of Classics

Did You Know?

I’d love to be able to do one just for kids to get a sense of where our readers are at…where to improve on and which countries to learn from.

Where do you fit in? Are you an outlier from the average in your country? Do you find you are reading more or less than before?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

xxx Iman

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