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For those who know me, they know I have “ants in my pants”. I can’t sit still for very long and absolutely love exploring and trying new things. Having a kid has made it even more exciting. I love dragging Mikhail along with me to events, activities and experiences. I actually shouldn’t use the word “drag”, because he is as eager as me to venture out and try new stuff.

We’ve been living in Geneva for just over 2 years now and though I lovingly refer to Geneva as “the village” due to its size and the fact that the same faces seem to appear every weekend, what I absolutely love about Geneva is that there is A LOT to do for kids and families. Which of course makes me a very happy mama!

 There are a handful of informative go-to-guides in Geneva, Geneva Family Diaries, Kid’ding in Geneva and Parentville, who I absolutely treasure. Not only are these people always abreast of what’s happening, but also very happy to the share the happenings with everyone.

But who has really bowled me over when it comes to a reference point for what’s going on, is the Founder of Parentville, Olga Sokolik. Mother, Blogger and Author of the Annual Staycation Guide (a guide of what to do in Geneva during the vacation), Olga has just gone one step further to publish a book called the “ABC of Geneva”.

This unique book is like a picture book version of a Time-Out guide to all things Genevois, but for Kids! It goes through the alphabet (so your kids can also learn the alphabet at the same time), and has an illustration and kid related description for each place/item related to that letter.


The book combines joyful, simple places (eg Zoo, yachts, trains), Geneva landmarks (eg. the Flower Clock, the Jet d’Eau or the Broken Chair at Nations) as well as complex issues (e.g, UN, CERN, the international feel of the city) and important people in the history of the canton.

Even though we’ve been here for over 2 years, I had blindly seen the places or heard the names, but not really known the information behind it. When my son asks  me about a place, I’d sometimes say “Oh it’s an important place” and later at night have to google it and turn the information into kid friendly bits. So the fact that this guide has the information, really helps!

Being the French “village” that Geneva is, I’ve managed to get around with the little French that I speak. Mikhail on the other hand, let’s just say I haven’t done enough in that department. His excuse is, “You can just talk to everyone for me”. So, if you haven’t been convinced of getting this book for your child (or yourself), as a gift to a visitor (instead of the usual mug and magnets) or as a coffee table book, here’s something that definitely won me over. The book is Bilingual! So once you’ve read it in English, you flip the book over to read it in French! Now I can feel like I am contributing a little bit to his French education!

I am giving 5 stars to this book because it covers all the following:

  1. It helps my son learn his alphabet
  2. We learn more about the Genevois culture
  3. It gives us more places to go to
  4. It improves our French
  5. I can buy it as a unique souvenir for friends and family
  6. And an added bonus – I am supporting a mother in her venture!


You can order your own copy by clicking on this click for a mere CHF20 and CHF7 for delivery.

If you head down to Bibi Cafe, a brand new Café for parents with kids, Olga will be there on the 24th November from 4pm-6pm! You can meet Olga, have a look at the book and try out the new café! Here’s the Facebook link for the even

I will also be at the Ecolint Winter Market this Weekend and have a few copies for you peruse through and buy. (In addition to a few other books on sale). It’s a fantastic market, and will also have a garderie for kids. I will have a few books on special at the market, as well contribute books to a huge raffle that all the stall providers contribute to. It’s my first time having a stall, so forgive me for the “beginner status” of it!

It’s at Ecolint LGB Campus (Route de Chene 62), on Sunday 25th November, from 10am to 4pm.

Hopefully I’ll meet you at the Winter Market on Sunday! I’d love to meet my readers in person and get a feel for what you would like to see on the blog! 

Oh – and if you also have ants in your pants like me, here are helpful links:

Link to the Parentville Blog

Link to the Kid’ding in Geneva Facebook Page

Link to Geneva Family Diaries Blog



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