The Sock Hunt Book Review with a Song and little Activity

The other day when I was doing laundry, I couldn’t believe the amount of single socks in my basket. I searched every nook and cranny to find the other half of each sock, but nothing. Nothing at all. Each one of them in my basket, sad, sorry and missing it’s partner.

  This week’s lonely socks from my laundry bin


But I was relieved to see that I’m not the only one. Have you ever wondered where the other part of the pair goes to? Do you find them in odd places months later, do they get sucked up into the washing machine? Are you someone who holds onto them forever in hopes the partner will come back or do you just get rid of the lonely one?

I was so happy when a reader recommended a book about a Sock Hunt. I could relate a LOT to this one! My son could also relate because coincidentally, he just learnt a song about socks (I’ve added the lyrics at the bottom of the post) at school which he loves to sing like a Soprano at home.

The Sock Hunt (by E M Bhatt), is a beautifully illustrated (by Lisa Williams) picture book , inspired by a sock bin of odd socks. It is rhyming book about a group of “odd” socks who go on a hunt to find the rest of the socks. From looking behind curtains to finding some stinky socks in PE bags, this adventurous tale will definitely keep your little ones captivated.

And what I love, is that it ends off with a little lesson about not flinging off socks and leaving them all over the place. (I can see that this lesson has already had an effect on Mikhail! Yippee for me!)

Ok, wait, what I actually love even more is that there is a good cause behind the book. Evelyn Bhatt (the author), worked with lots of fantastic children’s hospitals all around the world with a background in Dietetics. She has worked with a company that develops special medical products for rare medical conditions in children. With her debut book, The Sock Hunt, she has decided that some of the proceeds from royalties will be donated to charities! So each time someone buys The Sock Hunt, you aren’t just entertaining your child and teaching them a lesson, but are also donating to a good cause.

You can order The Sock Hunt through Amazon (Here’s the link) for only $9,99! For that price – the fact that there’s a fantastic book and a good cause involved, it’s definitely worth it!!


So here are the word to the sock song in case you are interested. If I have it in my head, so should you 🙂 Below it, I’ve even added an activity where your child can make his or her own stripey/spotty/ (or any type they wish), socks!

Sock Song

I’ve got my stripey socks, 

I’ve got my stripey socks

Ooh yeah I’ve got my stripey socks

In go my toesies

I’m really glad I chose these

I like my stripey socks!

You can then change “stripey” to “spotty” to “diamond” etc. With the kids doing the actions of the shapes. 

Sock Activity

This can help with textures and colour recognition for younger kids, and letter recognition for older kids learning how to read and write

You need:

  1. Colourful pieces of paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. IF you have odds and ends of buttons or fluffy things or cotton balls or material pieces, you can also add it in to add texture to the “sock”


  1. Cut out a sock shape
  2. Cut out the letter “S”
  3. Stick the “S” on the sock and sound out the letter to your child
  4. Literally let your little one cut out different coloured stripes or spots or shapes and stick them on wherever they want to on the “sock”. They can add the cotton balls and material pieces or buttons wherever they want to complete their sock.
  5. If you want to teach your child about symmetry/matching, try to get them to do another sock that is exactly the same


Here’s Mikhail’s Stripey Sock!

Once again, thank you to the reader who recommended the book! If you know of any books you’d like me to review or events, please let me know!

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