Any Dinosaur Mad Fans Out There?

I recently read that there are two types of people who know everything about dinosaurs – a palaeontologist and a mother of a 3 year old boy! Anyone else out there with boys or girls who go crazy for Dinosaurs? Mikhail absolutely adores all things Dinosaur – and it doesn’t help my pocket now that there is Lego Jurassic Park.


He recently went to the “Walking With Dinosaurs” show in Geneva which was awesome for both adults and kids. It had 18 life size dinosaurs, with the Brachiosaurus measuring 17m from head to tail. I highly recommend the show the next time it’s around (or if you are in another city and it happens to be on then).

So with the whole Dinosaur frenzy, it’s not by chance that I bought Julia Donaldson’s “Tyrannosaurus Drip“. If you haven’t heard of Julia Donaldson, I’ll soon be writing up a post about her and why her books are fantastic (and definitely a must on every bookshelf). (Ps, She’s the author of The Gruffalo).

With Julia’s rhyming expertise, we follow the story of a “vegetarian” Duckbill Dinosaur egg landing in the fierce and ferocious T-Rex’s egg nest. And because Mrs T-Rex isn’t the cleverest of the bunch, she couldn’t remember how many eggs she laid. When the eggs hatch and the little ones grow up, its hard to understand why little Duckbill Dinosaur would rather eat a plan than meat and why he isn’t interested in crossing the river to hunt. Poor little “Drip” (as his brutal siblings have nicknamed him), all he wants is to have a quiet, friendly life, munching on juicy water weeds.

My review may seem a bit scary, but it really isn’t. With the playful rhymes, a bit of a jingle in the book and the fun illustrations, it’s really an entertaining picture book to have on your shelf.

It’s available on Amazon and Book Depository (Click here for the link)

A little Activity to Pass Time:

Seeing that the vacation is coming up again, here’s a little activity that will keep your little one’s entertained (it definitely does for my one!)

It’s called Hatching Eggs and it’s really simple. Basically, you create ice cube eggs that your child has to try to crack/melt open to find the surprise inside.

What you need:

  1. a small toy, eg little dinosaur or animal (similar size to what you find in Kinder Surprise Eggs)
  2. A balloon
  3. Water

How you do it:

  1. Put the toy inside the balloon
  2. Fill the balloon with water until it forms an egg shape
  3. Leave it in the freezer for a few hours (until it becomes a solid ice egg).

I then task Mikhail to help the baby hatch, whichever way he can think off. It’s quite fun to see the different ways kids think of trying to get the toy out. Don’t be surprised if your child initially starts off caressing the egg, to moving onto melting it with water, then hacking it with a spoon and finally trying to drop it on the floor (!).


If you enjoy doing activities at home and your little one (or you), is into Dinosaurs, I can get a copy of “Dinosaur Things To Make and Do” for you. It has 16 fun DIY Dinosaur related activities as well as over 400 stickers. You may even like the “Hatching Egg” activity in the book a lot more than my easy-peasy one suggested above!

Hope that this post has at least helped fulfil a dinosaur loving child’s wish! Let me know if there are any books dinosaur realted that you’d like me to review – or if you would like to review, I am more than happy to add it to the blog!

xxx Iman

PS – If you go to the English Library in Geneva with your little one, ask the person behind the counter for a Dinosaur stamp. They are always happy to whip out the stamp kit and stamp your little one with his/her favourite Dino.

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