A Monthly Surprise in the Post!

Which kid doesn’t love surprises… and even better, find me one who doesn’t love it when you say “Ooh, looks like there’s something special for you in the post box!”

I know my son hops up and down on one leg while I slowly open the post box after I tell him that there may be something inside for him. And just to add some suspense, I take my time doing it! How special it feels to have packages addressed to you when you don’t expect it.

This is what happened for a year when I took out a subscription of National Geographic Kids for Mikhail. He loves animals and nature, and has a very inquisitive mind, so I thought I’d give the subscription a try.


Special Delivery


I’m quite sure you have heard of National Geographic, but few people know that there’s a Kids branch that’s been around for over 35 years and being delivered to over a million readers. The Kids’ version has similar themes a the adult one (animals, science, technology, archaeology) as well as pop culture, jokes, games and activities. Of course, it’s National Geographic, so the images are high quality and there is a strong influence of wildlife (and often tips on how you can help wildlife and the environment).

Mikhail loves the activities and facts, especially because he tries to impress his friends and teachers with them the next day!


I’ve been really impressed with the subscription and will definitely be renewing it once it is up. The educational factor of the content, coupled with the engrossing imagery is just the right ratio for learning and retaining the information. Practically every double page spread has different topics so if something may be a bit complex/may not be exciting now for your little one, as soon as you turn over, there is something else. And because it’s high quality, you can always come back to those unread sections at a later stage. There are also online links for further reading which is a plus for me!


Even on sick days, Mikhail pulls out the magazines to re-read them!


What I find as a real bonus, is that there is also minimal advertising, so it doesn’t feel like you are paying for a book of adverts. It is really worth every cent!

National Geographic Kids is recommended for Age 6+, but I reckon that it has been suitable for age 4, with the help of some explanations. Maybe that is also because I enjoy getting involved with reading and explaining.

There is also National Geographic Little Kids which is suitable for ages 3 -6, however I haven’t subscribed to it and so wouldn’t be able to comment on the age suitability or content. But judging from the Kids version, I think it would still be a fun read!

You can get hold of National Geographic Kids and/or Little Kids (hell, you may as well subscribe to the Traveller, History and Original National Geographic)  from Amazon (here’s the ink), for only $15 a year! The Kids subscription will get 10 issues delivered to you, with the 1st delivery about 6-10 weeks after subscribing. It’s a real surprise when the 1st one arrives!

The Little Kids Subscription includes 6 issues delivered to you with the first delivery at 10-12 weeks from subscription.

I highly recommend trying one of them out.

I’ve also had a look at Book Depository for National Geographic Kids. While they don’t sell the magazine subscription, they’ve got a whole range of National Geographic books (click here for the link) with a whole range of topics. Have a browse if the thought of a full year seems a bit daunting

If you do subscribe, which one do you subscribe to and have you been happy with it so far? Would love to hear your thoughts..as well as any other magazine subscriptions that have been great for kids

xxx Iman

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