Mr Hare Meets Mr Mandela

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here!  Now that the Summer vacation is over (not that this Swiss Indian Summer looks like it is ending) and school is in full swing, it’s time to get back into routine!

We spent quite a bit of time in Geneva, to enjoy the sun and the quiet, some road trips to Italy (because we can’t resist good pizza) and then did a little vacation back home to South Africa, which was fantastic. Of course, with long distance travelling, our little one needed a lot of stimulation and I wanted to try to cut out as much screen time as possible – though I must admit, it was difficult to win over Emirates’ onboard entertainment!

That being said, I made sure we a LOT of books with us, and that we also often went into bookstores, to try to keep some routine at bay.

Not sure if you remember a while back I said that I grew up surrounded by books… so without a doubt, my dad bought books for Mikhail and one that he absolutely loves is called “Mr Hare meets Mr Mandela” (by Chris Van Wyk).

For those who don’t know, Mandela was a South African freedom fighter under the Apartheid regime in South Africa, who spent 27 years in prison for the cause of the South African people. Our “father of the nation” negotiated a peaceful end to Apartheid, and victoriously won the elections to be the 1st black president of South Africa. Sadly Mr Mandela has passed away, but his face gracefully features on all South African banknotes.

Mr Hare Meets Mr Mandela is a captivating story about a Hare who finds a banknote on his doorstep with Mr Mandela’s face on it and believes that it is Mr Mandela’s note and must be delivered to Mr Mandela. However, the catch is that Mr Hare cannot read. He goes into the city and meets interesting characters, all who want to get hold of the money…but Mr Hare can’t figure out why the notes keep changing colour. However, each time he turns the note around, he still sees Mr Mandela and continues his quest to find him.

Illustrations of the different notes

Mikhail enjoyed the entertaining ending, although it did take a bit of explaining as we were going through the book. (Especially because he didn’t know who Mandela was, nor did he understand that different notes have different values and images). Now that he gets it, he absolutely loves the book. And of course, I love reading it to him because it stirs up a bit of nostalgia.


You don’t need to be from South Africa to enjoy this book, but I recommend it for readers age 4+. What I enjoy now doing is showing Mikhail different notes and coins with the different images and trying to find out the history behind it.


This book is available on Book Depository (here’s the link) which has free delivery worldwide and at the current price of just under CHF11, it’s definitely worth it!


Let me know what you think of it if you have it or if there are any other books you’d like me to review. Or what’s even better, I’d love for you to add your books and reviews to the blog so that it becomes a useful resource for all parents!





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  1. Thank you for an interesting book review about your home country, your holiday there, your son’s interest and Mr Mandela. I hope children read about this wonderful man. God bless him…and you.

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