When Spring is in Full Swing

Spring is really showing off this year! Even through the rain in Geneva, the blooms are still visible, like little bobs of glitter glue against the mist.

A few weeks ago, we went on a little road trip along the east of Milan, through a bit of countryside and we were really inspired by the blooms. Inspired to pack away my winter clothes and pull out all of my summer dresses from the cave, as soon as our road trip was over.


We stopped over in Arco, and found a gorgeous little greenhouse with seasonal plants and fresh produce on sale. My son was very curious, so to end the never ending questions of “What plant is this”, “Can we eat these leaves”, “What do you mean Broccoli is a flower?” , I let him get distracted by the tractor and scarecrow, so I could read up a bit of information on planting and the best seasons for different plants. Luckily I found some books I could refer to, to help answer those questions! ( See at the end of the post).


My husband and I love our coffee, so I couldn’t believe our luck when my son conveniently needed to wee, as we passed “Omkafe“. An authentic Italian coffee roastery, using a traditional drum roaster, dating back to 1947. The friendly staff were more than happy to let us taste over 6 types of beans from different origins (I started feeling bad for tasting so much, so I had to stop us from having more), which were for sale, as well as coffee accessories (machines, crockery, confectionery). Upstairs was an informative museum about coffee, which was even entertaining enough for a toddler. I highly recommend popping in there, even if it is not along your route.


And then we headed to Limone del Garda – a village dedicated to Lemons. I love myself a bit of citrus, so this town was a winner for me. Orchards and Orchards of Lemons – lemons on balconies, lemons in drinks! you name it, it had a lemon attached to it.

A typical garden in Limone Del Garda


My son’s class were also given a lesson on planting and so he proudly brought his Basel plant home. So with all the questions from him (and myself questioning my knowledge of plants), I found 3 lovely books that can help to explain and educate our little ones about plants. my images don’t do justice to the illustrations of the books below.

The first one: It All Comes From a Seed

This beautifully illustrated book breaks down how we get different fruit, veg, flowers, grains in a simple to understand way. Of course, my son’s favourite page is the one about how we get Chocolate! (I read this to his class and they could not believe that chocolate grows on trees!).

The Next 2 books: Lift the Flap: How Do Flowers Grow and Why Do We Need Bees

Lift the flap books are exceptional for educating children as they learn through touch and interaction. There are at least 6 flaps on each page, with each page bursting with information. What I like about the Bees one is that there’s also a part about how we can help bees 🙂

As always, the books are available through us, and if you would like me to look for more books related to Seasons, plants, nature etc, please don’t feel shy about giving me a shout!


So while I enjoy my freshly picked flowers (that my son loves surprising me with), I hope you have enjoyed this post! Feel free to add any comments 🙂

xxx Iman


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