Book Week in Geneva! (Semaine du Livre)

Yas!! Its Book Week in Geneva (actually it’s called “Early Childhood Book Week) from this Tuesday to Friday (22nd May to 26th May 2018).

La Semaine Du Livre was established in 2003 by the Early Childhood Department (as the Book and Early Childhood Festival) to enco encourage early reading. Since then, it’s been running every year in May, in collaboration with Municipal Libraries, House of Creativity and 3 bookshops in Geneva (Librairie du Boulevard, Blue Dog and Liberty). The program is mainly aimed at children in childcare facilities, but is open to the public on Wednesday and Saturday.


What Actually Happens?

Very basically, it is a range of activities related to reading and books, allowing kids to touch, feel, listen, to the stories, see the images, and be part of the book. To “open up these imaginary spaces” to our little ones. It’s suitable for ages 2+. While it’s mainly in English, Maison De La Creativite will have reading in other languages. And the great news is you can volunteer to read there also, in any language you wish. So I’ll be doing a few English books, I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Here’s a little video (sorry it’s in French)


When and Where?

Maison de la Créativité 

Wednesday 23rd May from 2:30pm – 5:30pm and Saturday 26th May from 9am – 5:30pm to the public

For more formalized events, see below, where you will need to book your space. Here’s a link to book your space

Discover the surprises in the park and the House
from Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 May (except Wednesday 23 afternoon) – These items need to be booked

  • “We tell ourselves” a space of shared stories to surprise and be surprised
  • “Interrupted Stories” to imagine together a series of words and objects
  • “The story at the end of the line” a treasure hunt and clues that lead to the reading of an album
  • “Picnic baskets with stories” to feast on words and images
  • “The Leporello Workshop” to create an accordion book on the theme “story of thread”
  • “Books and Science” a selection of books to discover with our partner Animascience


Municipal Library Events 

Here’s a link to the site    but below I’ve translated it for you:)

As part of Book, Early Childhood and Family Week, the Municipal Libraries offer a program of meetings and workshops called Gribouille, for children between the ages of two and four.

From Tuesday, May 22nd to Thursday, May 24th at 3pm and 4pm: 
P’tits Mômes Prize Show
Email to book your space: 

Friday, May 25 at 3:30 pm: 
Prize Presentation P’tits Momes in the presence of the laureate
Email to book your 

Saturday, May 26, at 10h
Croqu’livres multilingue (without registration)
Between two sandwiches and a bowl of tea, listen to stories told in several languages, albums for all ages between one and five years.

Saturday, May 26: 
Workshops proposed by the collective Friture
14h: Workshop The turnips never die with Friture 
15:30: Claire Mayet, Patattaque! 
Email to book your space


Want to volunteer and help grown a future of readers?

If you would also like to read to the kids on either Wednesday afternoon or on Saturday at Maison de la Creativite, please contact Nathalie on +41 22 810 1893 . It can be in any language. You can bring your own books or I am told there are some also available at the Maison.

Can’t wait to encourage our little ones to read more!

xxx Iman

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