BYO (Build Your Own) Bookshelf! And other Deals if you’d rather buy

In my last post I wrote about how important it is to develop your own bookshelf for your little one/s. How easy access to books drive a desire to read. And so, here are a few really cool bookshelf ideas for those who love a bit of DIY in the house. (And what fun it would be if your little one was involved in the building of his/her own bookshelf!).


1. Ladder + Wood Bookshelf (you’ll need to secure this one!)

Made from 2 ladders and shelves! Or 3 ladders and shelves. Hell, you can even put the ladders upside down !

You can even use easy roller boxes for storing other items below, and prettify it with some indoor plants!


2. Wooden Cable Spool + Casters

This is quite a fun one to use. You just need to get hold of a wooden cable and add on the casters (from Ikea) for movement and height. (Click here for instructions)

3. Wooden Pallet Shelves

   Really charming to use as shelves and apparently it can store quite a lot of books. One pallet makes 3 shelves! You can keep it natural looking or paint it in bright attractive colours for kids. Here’s a link for a full tutorial

4. Wagon Case

I love this idea for adding playfulness and an added dimension of imagination to a bookshelf/case. Convert an old wagon into a bookshelf.

5. Bi-Plane Bookcase

How cool is this? Especially for those fascinated with flying! It seems a little difficult to make (but then again, I am anything but construction hands on). Here’s detailed instructions to get it done yourself


6. Metal with a Pop of Colour!

I have been enjoying browsing through Monoqi as my interior online store. There are some great finds, all the way from CHF30 to CHF3000. I found this bookshelf which I would love to have and a really reasonable price of CHF 75 (for now!). It’s called the “Bookshelf Multi, by Tomado

7. Bargain Alert

What honestly prompted me to write this post was bumping into a bookshelf special at IKEA. So not only am I on top of the world that I found a beautiful, large bookshelf for CHF19,95! but did someone just mention that the website is now also in English! There are lot’s a affordable bookshelf ideas on the IKEA website, like even using the FLISAT dollhouse as a bookshelf!


I hope these have at least given you some inspiration with bookshelves! Don’t feel shy to send me your ides and I can add them to the list!


xxx Iman

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