Free Weekly Readings are Starting Up Again and The Library in English in Geneva

Let’s Read!

I am so excited again! My foot has finally healed and I am ready to read to the world again! Not that a broken 3rd toe should stop someone for reading, but it was surprisingly painful, and not to mention a bit embarrassing for me to wear that erm, very un-fashionable in-sexy shoe (not that I am any of the two!). Carting around the books, limping and driving just weren’t making me a happy person. 

So now, I am all in the clear and am happy to say that the Free English Reading every Wednesday at Gymboree Geneva (Grand Saconnex), is up and running.

I will start off with the slightly older kids, Age 3-5 from 2:30 pm and will read until 2:55pm. And then read to the younger ones from 3:00pm. The younger ones generally lose attention after 2 books, which is perfectly normal. But the great thing about Gymboree Geneva, is that they have allowed all the kids a free half an hour of playtime. Reading and Playing, what a life!

Soft Play Area at Gymboree Geneva


A few mums have also said that they’ve enjoyed the sessions because they get to meet other mothers with kids the same age, so for me, it’s great to know that it’s also a socializing thing for mums.


For the Readings, I do ask a few things please:

  1. Please be careful with the books as these are my copies that I use for all my reading sessions. I am more than happy for you to look at them, but if your little bub is about to pick his/her nose and put their precious “diamonds” on the books, or pull out pages, please can you help me out and try to get the book out of the way.
  2. We aren’t allowed to eat in the reading room, but if you/your child is hungry, there is an area downstairs, next to the soft play area, which is for eating. It also has a microwave, water and tea/coffee
  3. It would really help me to run the reading sessions smoothly, if your bub isn’t running around shouting during the session. Sometimes what helps, is if the parents sit next to their kids, so that they follow suit.

If you have any suggestions on books that are in the Usborne Catalogue (Click here for link), that you would like  me to read, please let me know so I can read it! And if you attend any of the sessions and feel that improvements could be made, I am more than happy to listen and implement! I am all for making it the best reading sessions for our kids!

If you would also like to host your own reading session at your place/space, with your own friends, I am happy to come through with all the books. As a thank you, I will provide you with a free gift (in the form of a book), as well as 10% of any sales made at your place, in the form of books! 

Looking forwarding to see you at the Readings!

PS, attend the reading sessions and you will be entered into monthly draws to win £100 worth of books!

The Library in English Geneva Book Sale


Entrance to Library in English


Because I am all about reading, I am so excited but disappointed about the next bit of information. Twice a year, the Library in English in Geneva holds a book sale. The second I get the emailer or see the FB post about the dates of the Book Sales, I start saving up, because I LOVE Books and I LOVE Sales (and I LOVE Cake, which is also on offer at the Book Sales). The night  before the sale, I prep my son up and let him know that tomorrow is D-Day so he needs to get enough rest. We are both like kids in a candy store when we are there. Both of us grabbing books like it’s rations during wartime. I generally end up leaving with much more than I can carry and both our hearts and minds are smiling by the end of it.

But my disappointment comes in this time (20th – 22nd April 2018), because we have booked a holiday away. My heart literally sank when I realized that there was a conflict in dates. So, I ask this to you as a favour – have a look for me , and enjoy it for me! Torture me if you must, and send me a photo of you at the book sale!

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