Sun, sea, sand and .. a library!

We spent the weekend on the breathtaking island Sardinia (Sardegne), an autonomous Island of Italy. Even though it was during the Easter Bacation, I was so grateful that it wasn’t peak season because it was the perfect getaway from the busy-ness of life.

It meant we had the beaches to ourselves (even though a bit too cold for a dip in the azure, clear water), no crowds, just the soft lulling of the waves while we attempted odd shaped sand castles.

Sand in our toes, gelato in our hands… we could have spent hours in the same area.

And what made this Utopia even better for me, was that it even had a library just near the water! Although it was closed when we were there, I could picture people sitting on the laid out benches or beach towels, absorbing the sun and the stories they were reading.

This idea has motivated me even more to drive my reading sessions in the parks in Geneva in Summer. To let kids enjoy the sun while listening to stories, after some busy time in the park. That for me, is pure bliss!

Would you say the same for yourself or your kids? Or do you prefer reading indoors with the rain softly pattering against the windows?


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