How I survived the vacation without relying on TV alone

The Easter holidays have been in full swing, and now that our eyes are tired of searching for hidden eggs and our tummies are full of chocolate it’s time to sit down and get back into action.

So, I haven’t been the greatest of parents with totally omitting TV and ipads, but I have really tried to cut down on “watching time”. The more I have distracted Mikhail with fun books and activities, the more I find he is less needy to be watching tv.

So I’ve been trying to use a range of books to keep him busy, while I could go about my chores. here’s a quick rundown of items have helped me out:

  1. Believe it or not, I had no idea a store toy catalogue could keep my son occupied for ages. We picked up a free Lego toy catalogue from Manor, and he literally looks at every page. It keeps him busy for at least 45minutes. Never mind his constant chant of “Can you get me this one for my birthday”, I guess he imagines himself playing with it, as he looks at each image. (And I guess, this is the point when I’m grateful for his Ninjago obsession, because he spends a lot of time on those pages). So you know what I did yesterday when we went back to Manor? Grabbed the updated catalogue, as well as a Playmobil one. I’m sure there are other types of catalogues in stores, like Barbie, pets stores, supermarkets etc and see if that’s a nice freebie to keep your one occupied.
  2. The next thing we tried was Fingerprint Activity Animals. The first image below of the fingerpaint activity books available. Really fun, with a stamp pad (very easy to remove ink), and each page helps you create different scenes or images. I didn’t need to worry about setting up paint and washing brushes and I guess Mika enjoyed this so much he started fingerpainting the cover! (Luckily not the walls or linen!). These are available through Our Bookshelf ch 🙂
  3. Next Up – Dinosaurs. Find me a boy who hasn’t had a Dinosaur phase? I wasn’t going to explore this book because I genuinely assumed that it would be a basic book about Dinosaurs with a few interesting facts. But a customer had won a copy for herself, so I decided to get a copy for my son.Now, my son has this favourite game called, “Hatching Hatching”, where we each have turns to “hatch” out from under the blanket. (I really hope he doesn’t read this when he’s older, but after 5 sessions of this game, I get so tired that I try to turn the game into “Sleeping Sleeping”, where we sleep under the blanket instead). So thank my cinnamon stars, when I found a “Hatching Egg activity” . You can create your own hatching Dinosaurs!!! soon, I am going to use the same concept and create other animals, just to feed the love for hatching. The activities in the book are simple and fun. It also has over 400 stickers, so if you see me in public, with a few dinosaurs stuck to me, please give me a heads up. No jokes, an Elsa Frozen sticker was stuck on my cheek without me knowing, leaving me wondering why people were looking at me oddly.

    4. And because I’m trying to be better at recycling, and more about creative fun… we turned the box that the books get delivered in, into Mikhail’s first car. (I am clearly not a contestant in the beautiful car design category). But we had fun for quite a few days, playing Traffic games, transporting his plush animals around the house and learning our left from our right. Luckily no animals were hatching in this car!

Hope you get a bit of inspiration from this post. Head over to the “books” tab to see other available activity books for kids, teens and erm, adults

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